Information from us

Information from us

2019.02.08 Classes

★Global Village Open School★

Get a taste of our school! Available only to NEW students!
If you’re interested in becoming a student at Global Village, here’s your chance to try it out!
Choose from one of the two times below. They are completely free, but are limited to only 10 people per class.
The class may only be taken once. A reservation is required.

Topic: Dining in Japanese
– In this class, you’ll learn ways to order, ask for a meal recommendation, and many other useful words and phrases to use when eating out.

Option 1: February 22nd 13:00pm~13:50pm 
Application Deadline: February 19th

Option 2: February 26th 18:00pm~18:50pm 
Application Deadline: February 22nd

We will stop taking reservations when the classes fill up, so don’t wait! Sign up now!
Click here to contact us. Please feel free to ask any questions. We are always happy to help.