Information from us

Information from us

2018.12.15 Classes

Japanese Courses start in January!

Schedule a free consultation and secure your class seat today!

Comprehensive Course
Grammar Course
Hiragana&Katakana Course
Survival Japanese Course
and more!

Why People Choose Us
– Faculty of professionally licensed, native speakers
– Small class sizes, individual attention guaranteed
– Well balanced, comprehensive curriculum
– Emphasis on real-world spoken Japanese
– Consultation and ongoing support at any time
– Various opportunities to practice with locals (parties, events)

We highly recommend signing up for a free consultation first,
so that we can tailor a schedule that fits your goals and needs.
Schedule and pricing vary depending on the course and level.

If you are interested in one of these courses or would like more details,
please feel free to contact us with your questions!

TEL: 098-896-1577