Private Lessons




Our quiet classrooms provide the necessary environment for you to focus, without having to worry about the presence of other students. Through repeated practice and individual attention at every step, you will be able to process even dense course material in a breeze. You will be able to advance at your own pace. The curriculum is specifically tailored to your needs. Of course, ‘semi-private’ lessons with your family and friends are an option as well.

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Students who wish to study more per week may combine the above course plans for more lesson time. For example, if you want to take lessons 4 hours a week, you can sign up for two 2 hours/week (“Twice a Week”) courses. How you use the hours, once you sign up, is also up to you (i.e. 4 hours once a week, 2 hours twice a week, etc). There is no limit to how many 1 and 2 hour options you can combine to create your ideal schedule.




Global Village believes that while sharpening your linguistic skills is important, expanding your cultural knowledge is even more so. We want you to learn to navigate Japanese society by understanding manners and the range of appropriate behavior. In order to achieve this goal, Global Village offers special focus sessions, which aim at expanding the knowledge gained during your normal classes. Special focus sessions are independent, one day classes offered once a month, and focus on carefully selected topics.

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