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Survival Japanese Course

New term starts in July 2020!
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Survival Japanese Course

Navigate daily life in Japan. This course covers a wide variety of useful expressions to help you.

・ Learn giving directions, reading signs, eating out, shopping, and more.
・ Writing System used: Romaji(prior knowledge of Hiragana or Katakana is not necessary)

・ Want to spend a short term learning only the Japanese necessary for your daily life

・ Want to simply focus on useful expressions rather than grammar, reading and writing

・ Cannot read Hiragana or Katakana yet, so wish to focus on basic daily conversation for now




Joint Lessons combine group lessons with private lessons for more effective learning. You may start the private lessons at any time, and they may be used up until the end of the month that your group course is completed (Private lessons : a custom-made curriculum just for you).


・ Do not want to wait until regular courses start

・ Want to simultaneously boost comprehensive skills (group lesson) and deepen specific knowledge (private lesson)

・ Want to study for work, travel, and use language for a wide variety of purposes

・ Want to catch up when you miss a class or need some additional review





Christopher Starks

Group & Private Lessons

Since my enrollment at Global Village, I’ve been able to conduct business such as making trip reserv ations with a J apanese Airline and with a Tokyo Hotel over the phone for my boss. Now, I can generally understand Japanese newscasters when I watch the ne ws. T he le ssons are an even mix of challenges. T he teachers have a wealth of knowledge and they use many methods. T he fr iendly sta ff spea ks with studen ts i n ei ther Japanese or English. The customer service is Top Notch!

Chris and Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner

Group & Private Lessons

Global Villag e t eachers offe r structure d and e asy to follow lessons. We’re gaining confidence in speaking Japanese and can already go to karaoke and sing Japanese songs. It’s so much fun! Also, the Global Village e vents offe r us the ideal se tting to practice our conversational skills with native speakers in a fun social atmosphere. Starting from zero, we successfully passed the JLPT.