Step-By-Step: From Free Consultation to the First Lesson

Please do not hesitate to approach us with questions concerning your language goals. English speaking consultants will kindly answer your questions.


1.Make an Appointment by Phone or on the Website

1.Make an Appointment by Phone or on the Website Please feel free to call us. You can also make an appointment for a free consultation with a level check on our website.

[ TEL ] 098-896-1577

Schedule a free consultation now!


2.Stop by the School

2.Stop by the School Friendly consultants will be happy to assist you. You don’t have to bring anything. We’ll take care of you.


3.Free Consultation with a Level Check

3.Free Consultation with a Level Check We’ll pay close attention to your language needs (including goals, budget, schedule etc.), and suggest a suitable plan for you. If you already have experience in Japanese, we a lso offer a free level check.


4.Enrollment Procedure

4.Enrollment Procedure A consultant will explain the generalprocedure , con f i rm your schedule and assist you p rior to starting classes.


5.First Lesson

5.First Lesson Get ready for the first lesson! The consultants and your teacher will be provid ing you ongoing support throughout your language journey.