English Instructor - Dispatch Teacher-

English Instructor - Dispatch Teacher-


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We are only looking for English/Chinese/Korean teachers.

Additional Requirements:

・ As an initiative to improve service to foreign customers, English, Chinese, and Korean teachers will teach at various locations throughout the island; helping companies related to tourism. The companies include hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops etc.

・ Must be responsible, highly motivated, and have at least one year teaching experience of the respective language.

・ Must be able to speak Japanese at least at an intermediate level.

・ Must be able to comply with the contract period.


Working Hours:

・ Choose from an array of predetermined various locations, hours, wages, and contract periods from the contracts we make with the outlying companies.


Days Off:

・ Sundays, Mondays and Japanese holidays, according to the Japanese holiday calendar (other days depend on the teacher’s schedule)

・ Golden Week, Obon (Honoring-the Dead- Holiday, dates vary every year) , and Winter Vacation.



・ Discounts on Global Village classes and books.



・ Conditional.