Concerning Preventative Measures Towards the Corona Virus④


To all current and prospective students,

Thank you for your ongoing patronage and support of our classes at Global village, and we also appreciate your understanding and cooperation of abiding by the infection prevention measures.
In response to the cancellation of the emergency declaration, we are going to offer group lessons and private lessons in conditions below.
Please feel free to contact us at any time, if you have any concerns or questions.

■Cancellation of classes and expiration date of your course
We will respond to students who wish to take lessons in accordance with the usual school rules after June 1st.

■To all staff members
・Wash and sanitize their hands before class and after every class.
・Wear masks while teaching classes and while at work.
・Check their temperature every day.
・Travelling to other countries and outside of Okinawa is discouraged. If travel is unavoidable, report it to Global Village’s office.

■Uses of facilities
・We are providing a spray disinfectant at the front desk. The door handles and surrounding areas will be sprayed regularly.
・We set a fan in classroom for better ventilation.
・We will set seats in the way we are able to keep enough distance to be kept between students and teachers.

■To all students
・Please wash and sanitize your hands before your class. Hand sanitizer is now provided at the reception.
・Please wear a mask on during classes.
・Please refrain from taking classes if you have a temperature higher than 37.5 or feel sick in anyway (e.g. have a cough, feel fatigued, or have difficulty breathing).

■About lessons
[For group lessons]
・We offer face-to-face classes in the condition which is mentioned above.
[For private lessons]
・We offer face-to-face classes in the condition which is mentioned above.
・We offer online classes and face-to-face classes. If you would like to take online classes, please contact us for more information.

■To all prospective students
If you are interested in taking classes, please feel free to contact us with your questions!
We are always happy to help.

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