Teacher Terms and Conditions -Freelance-

Teacher Terms and Conditions -Freelance-

2020. June

※Application Closed

Business Hours:

【OPEN】 Tuesdays-Fridays  12:00~21:00 / Saturdays   9:00~18:00

【CLOSED】 Sundays, Mondays and Japanese holidays


Working Hours:

・ Freelance teachers will be given available time slots during business hours.

・Working hours start from a couple hours per week. Additional working hours depend on teacher’s ability and availability. Please let us know your desired number of hours per week. Working hours are negotiable.

・ In practice, you and Global village staff will decide on a mutually-agreeable monthly working schedule. At times, however, adjustments to the schedule may need to be made.The staff will notify you of any such changes.

*We are now also looking for teachers to teach at nursery schools outside the main school office. Please contact us for more details.

Days Off:

・ Sundays, Mondays and Japanese holidays, according to the Japanese holiday calendar.

・ Golden Week, Obon (Honoring-the Dead- Holiday, dates vary every year) , and Winter Vacation.



・ Discounts on Global Village classes and books.



・ Conditional.


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