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Why Global Village?

Steadily improve your Japanese from beginner to advanced with our ten levels.

Start at the most appropriate level for you.

Consistent progress tests identify challenges and set goals for future learning.

Small class sizes guarantee individual attention.

Make Japanese friends at our exchange parties.

Professionally Trained Teachers

Lessons can be made up following any absences.

We provide ongoing consulting support.

Your custom made curriculum will allow you to efficiently reach your goals.

Experienced teachers will prepare you for official Japanese examinations.

Why Global Village?


What is Global Village?

Global Village is a Japanese language school for foreigners of all ages.

Our teaching method will improve your Japanese proficiency by following a curriculum that allows you to steadily improve; and by using a wealth of practical role-plays, all of which have been developed for over 12 years.

In addition to Japanese, we also offer Chinese, Korean and English language classes.
Our international exchange parties, which have Japanese students from English classes in attendance, support language exchange between our students.
Global Village offers you a Japanese environment to immediately practice the Japanese that you have learned.

Global Village earned a certification of excellence from the Japan Association for the Promotion of Foreign Language Education which was established under Japan’s Ministry of Education.

As a certified “Excellent School”, Global Village offers students a place where they can study with peace of mind.

These are all great criterion for choosing a language school.

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For any questions or concerns, a consultant will politely answer you in English.

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