13 Reasons Why Students Choose Global Village

1. Global Village Philosophy:Three Steps to Holistic Learning

As you learn the nuts and bolts of Japanese conversation, we grant you plenty of room for practice. We do not apply a teacher-student top-down pedagogy, far from that! At Global Village we understand that people learn differently; some are visual learners, while others learn by listening or writing things down, or through repetition. We combine all of these approaches to learning and apply them to every single class. Get ready to use your entire sensory apparatus to learn. As you learn how to make sentences and expand your vocabulary, role-playing will help you refine your spokenskills. You will learn how to find your own pace of speaking by simulating real-life scenarios. Our teacher encourage students to keep textbooks closed during role plays. Learning a language in a classroom setting may seem artificial, but Global Village goes above and beyond that, by adding international parties to your curriculum. At our parties you will be able to communicate with native Japanese people and hone your new skills. We like to compare language learning to sports: besides needing a good coach (a teacher), you need daily practice, simulated matches (role plays), and real tournaments (international parties) in order to develop long lasting skills. These are the three components to our holistic learning approach. This is Global Village Innovation; it’ s one of a kind!

2. Start at the Most Appropriate Level for You

We offer ten language levels, from absolute beginner to advanced proficiency. A specific plan will be tailored to help you reach your own personal goals.

3. Consistent Progress Tests Identify Challenges and Set Goals for Future Learning

Global Village offers consistent progress tests. Teachers and consultants work together towards supporting the needs of every individual student. Taking the progress tests is a good opportunity to gauge where you stand, analyze weaknesses and compile a roadmap for your future learning.

4. Small Class Sizes – Individual Attention Guaranteed

Our philosophy is to keep class sizes small. We believe that individual attention is very important when it comes to language learning. You will be granted plenty of opportunity to practice.

5. A Supportive Educational Environment

While conversation skills are most important to us, we have created a balanced combination of the four major language areas: plenty of speaking, writing, listening and reading time is allotted to each class. Visual and audio materials create the best possible learning environment.

6. Free Special Focus Sessions with select courses

We believe that gaining cultural competence is as important as language learning. Our special focus sessions are designed to help you acquire strategic skills and in-depth knowledge about specific topics.

7. Improve Your Conversational Skills at the Japanese Café (Optional)

A native Japanese chat host will provide the topic of the day, guide and support your conversation- anxiety free! Unlike normal classes, the Japanese Café takes place in a much more casual setting. Why not practice Japanese over a good cup of coffee? Feel free to speak about any topic that is of interest to you.

8. Be Our Guest at Our International Parties and Cultural Events

You’re not alone! Many Japanese people are regular students of English at Global Village. We want to encourage you to join them at our international parties. Meet and greet new people, and interact with fellow students. At our cultural events, it is customary for people from various countries to introduce their cultures. Hence, you will learn many new things about different places. At Global Village, we strive to create a nice environment to motivate you for further study.

9. Never Miss a Class


No need to worry if you are unable to attend a group lesson. We offer a class recording service for group lessons, should you not be able to attend class. For private lessons, we will put together a schedule that fits your personal needs (including limited enrollment freezing).

10. Professionally Trained Teachers

All Global Village teachers are vetted against high professional standards. Our teachers are selected not only based on their superior teaching skills, passion and motivation towards teaching, but also according to their caring attitude towards students. They are certified and experienced native Japanese teachers. They are deeply involved in the language progress of their students and provide individual support every time it is requested. After we hire instructors, we provide them with regular training to ensure the best lesson quality and optimal classroom support.

11. Ongoing Consulting Support

Want to study but don’t know how to study effectively? We have a plethora of strategies ready and will advise you on various approaches to studying. Feel free to reach out to us about the lesson schedule, content and general curriculum. Talk to a consultant anytime. Embrace a stress-free learning environment!

12. Private Lessons:Individually Tailored Schedules and Curricula

Private lesson students will reach their goal step by step, based on an innovative, original curriculum we tailor specifically to them. If you choose a ‘flexible schedule’ option, we provide a lesson schedule that accommodates all of your individual needs. No worry if you are busy at work, work in shifts or travel a lot; we’re here to accommodate your needs.

13. Our Teachers are Coaches

We think that language is like a sport. Sport skills improve with constant everyday practice, by making lots of mistakes and overcoming big challenges. As with sports, we like to compare our teachers to coaches. Like coaches, our teachers are always by your side, giving advice, correcting techniques and encouraging you to do your best. We hope you will never giv e up.


For any questions or concerns, a consultant will politely answer you in English.

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