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Welcome To Our Team!! 

Would you like to teach English in a kindergarten? It’s a wonderful experience!

Hiring Freelance / Dispatch Teachers: ※We are currently not hiring full-time teachers.

Teach English lessons to very young Japanese children, starting in April 2022; 1 year contract, renewable every year in April.

About us:

Global Village earned a certification of excellence from the Japan Association for the Promotion of Foreign Language Education which was established under Japan’s Ministry of Education.  As a certified “Excellent School”, Global Village allows students to study with peace of mind.

Number of applicants:

5-6 people.


Native speaker of English or native-level fluency; likes children; enthusiastic; inspirational; passionate about teaching English. A responsible and dependable worker who will complete his or her contract period. New teachers are welcome to apply.

Work location:

Throughout Okinawa (northern, central, southern region(s), etc.) During the interview, you will get to choose the area feasible for you. Schools will be selected after discussion.  

Working hours:

1 to 2 hours / day (depending on the school).

Contract period:

1 year (renewed every year).


2 to 6 years old.

Lesson content:

English for Beginners, curriculum and teaching materials are all prepared by Global Village.


Experienced head teachers will carefully instruct you on how to teach young children, interpret the curriculum, and conduct lessons.  Even beginners will be able to teach with confidence.

Message from Head Teacher:

There is nothing quite like this experience. You’ll really feel the impact of making a difference in children’s lives, as a direct result of your passion and enthusiasm. Put your best foot forward, and go in with an open mind. You will not regret it.

Steps to apply:

Step 1 :  

Request an application form by emailing Global Village at

Step 2 :

We will reply with information on our teaching positions and application form.

Step 3 :  

If you agree with the position details, then send us back your completed application form.

Global Village TEL: 098-896-1577  /  Mail:


For any questions or concerns, a consultant will politely answer you in English.

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