Christopher Starks

Group & Private Lessons

Since my enrollment at Global Village, I’ve been able to conduct business such as making trip reserv ations with a J apanese Airline and with a Tokyo Hotel over the phone for my boss. Now, I can generally understand Japanese newscasters when I watch the ne ws. T he le ssons are an even mix of challenges. T he teachers have a wealth of knowledge and they use many methods. T he fr iendly sta ff spea ks with studen ts i n ei ther Japanese or English. The customer service is Top Notch!

Christopher Ramos

Private Lesson

At Global Village, I am challenged with material that I would not normally be exposed to. I learn many phrases that simply aren’t in textbooks. I am learning a lot of knowledge that one simply doesn’t get in daily conversation. Global Village has offered me such a wide range of information: like Japane se busine ss manners. Eventually, I hope to pass the J LPT N1 and work in Japan.

Angela Goodman

Private Lesson

I wanted to learn Japanese because it’s important to be able to communicate with the locals to show respect and appreciation for their culture. As a medical nurse, I wanted to be able to better communicate with my Japanese-speaking patients. After taking classes at Global V illage, I was able to talk about and explain degrees of pain. My Global Village teacher is always cheerful and enthusiastic. I am thankful that she allowed me to overcome my shyness.

Mike Bennett

Group Lesson

Currently, I live on base and use English everyday, but my dream is to live in Japan for a long time. I have always wanted to learn Japanese, however I never had the opportunity to use it. I now have this opportunity at Global Villag e. The comprehensive classes at Glob al V illage ha ve pr ovided me with pr actical experience, and my vocabulary in Kanji is increasing. My goal is to pass all of the JLPT levels.


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