Concerning Preventative Measures Towards the Corona Virus⑥


To all current and prospective students,

2-Week School Closing Notice

Thank you for your continued support of our classes.
According to a July 31st announcement, Okinawa has reached a state of emergency. We, at Global Village, are taking steps to prioritize the health and safety of our students; and, we are preparing to provide online lessons. Please read below for further details.

*All classes (all children and adult lessons, including private lessons) on Global Village Premises will be canceled, during the following period:
Tues, August 4th – Sat, August 15th

* We are taking reservations for Zoom or Skype private lessons.

Regarding the setup procedures for Zoom or Skype, we are providing instructions and support for those who have difficulty. If you need any assistance, please inquire with us.

We realize that like before, due to the spread of the Corona virus, this year’s curriculum will become even more greatly delayed. So, as of August 18th, if the state of emergency is prolonged, we are planning to continue all our classes online; until then all classes will be canceled. Thank you for your understanding.

To inquire as to the availability of lessons on August 18th, please contact Global Village via phone or mail. Our business hours between 8/4 and 8/15 will remain the same (Tues to Fri, 12 – 9pm; Sat, 9am-6pm), so please call if there are any concerns.

■To all staff members
・Check their temperature every day.
・Wash and sanitize their hands.
・Wear a mask while teaching classes and while at work.
・Required to stay home for 2 weeks after returning home from other prefectures or countries.

■Use of facilities
・We set a fan in each classroom for better ventilation
・We set seats in the way students and teacher are able to keep enough distance. ・We provide a spray disinfectant at front desk, we sanitize our facilities regularly

We sincerely pray for your health and safety during this time.

Global Village Management

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