Concerning Preventative Measures Towards the Corona Virus⑦


To all students

Temporary School Closure Notice(Online lessons only)

Thank you for your continued support of our classes.

According to a July 31st announcement, Okinawa has reached a state of emergency. We, at Global Village, are taking steps to prioritize the health and safety of our students; and, we are preparing to provide online lessons. Please read below for further details.

*Business Hours
We are closed Sat, August 8th – Sat, August 15th.
For inquiries, we are accepting email. Contact information is below.

*All classes (all children and adult lessons, including private lessons) on Global Village Premises will be canceled, during the following period:
Tue, August 4th – Sat, August 15th

*We are taking reservations for Zoom or Skype private lessons.

We realize that like before, due to the spread of the Corona virus, this year’s curriculum will become even more greatly delayed. So, as of August 18th, if the state of emergency is prolonged, we are planning to continue all our classes online; until then all classes will be canceled. Thank you for your understanding.

To prospective students

We are closed Sat, August 8th – Sat, August 15th. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

For inquiries, we are accepting email and via our website. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

We sincerely pray for your health and safety during this time.
Global Village Management

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