Notice: Our Current School is Closing


Thank you for your regular support and patronage, as well as your endearing patience under our measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19  at Global Village.

Since April, prioritizing the safety of all our students, teachers, and staff, we have been taking  precautions to minimize the possibility of COVID-19 infection at our school; at times, undergoing school closures, and on others, providing our lessons online. However, we cannot predict an end to COVID-19. Thus, we’ve continued to find it difficult to re-provide the in-person style of lessons that everyone desires, while at the same time, preserving  safety.

The very point we have placed emphasis on at Global Village is on face-to-face communication that is,   through a practical style of Japanese lesson that relies intensively on role play practice, as well as progress tests that measure the language knowledge gained from these role plays. Our international parties, also, have provided our students with outlets to put their study into practice. Under present-day circumstances, via online means, we have determined that we are simply unable to offer that same level of quality.

It is an extremely sad decision for us, but for the aforementioned reasons, we have decided to shrink our business. The school building and its services will be closing on Saturday, October 31st, 2020. However, our instructor dispatch service, which provides lessons on-location at companies, is scheduled to continue.  

Once COVID-19 has been resolved and we are able to provide a safe environment to offer high quality lessons again, we deeply hope that we can reconnect with all of you. Until then, we sincerely pray for your enduring health and well being.

Global Village

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